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CONEXOS is committed to providing the best overall value available anywhere. And we normally can have new customers up and on the Web with a basic web presence within a few hours!

Select from our exclusive RDHP Service:

Registration: CONEXOS shops around to get you the best deal in registration--currently between $7 and $9 per year for most domains. This can be a 50% savings or more compared to rates many registrars charge!

To register a domain, send CONEXOS an e-mail by clicking here

Design: The most open-ended element to achieving your Web presence. Our philosophy is to keep the design clean and simple, and maximize the information value you can provide to your customer. An initial 1-hour consultation between CONEXOS and your staff costs $30, from which we will produce your first opening web page. Or you can bring a basic web page with you to begin with at no cost.

To order a basic web page, e-mail

Hosting: Basic web site hosting costs only $5 per month. After the first domain, multiple domains can be hosted for as little as $1 each per month.

To order web hosting services, e-mail

Promotion: Don't let your Web presence go un-noticed. CONEXOS will tell the whole world of search engines about your new page for only $25. A more extensive promotion effort to related list-servers and discussion lists, in addition to search engines, costs only $50. Some restrictions apply.

To order web promotion services, e-mail

The initial consultation is free, so why not contact us. You will be glad you did.
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