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FOKP Minutes
Board and Membership Meeting
Fundraising, Earth Day, FOKP adoption agreement, next meeting Feb 3 1998, renovation project, playground safety, contract with Ronnie McGhee for architecture consulting on new rec center, little league banquet,
Jan 13, 1998, 22:00

FOKP Minutes
Interim Board Meeting

Jan 24, 1997, 17:32

FOKP Minutes
Monthly Board Meeting
Minutes, advisory board, Kennedy Playground Task Force, trustees board, vision statement, fundraising, holiday party
Dec 11, 1996, 17:25

FOKP Minutes
Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors
Establishment of quorum, election of temporary officers, report on articles of incorporation, adoption of by-laws, election of board, election of officers, pro bono legal assistance, filing for tax exempt status, adoption of corporate seal and books, permission to open bank account, adoption of fiscal year, Advisory Board and Board of Trustees recomendations to be sought, selection of Development Coordinator, acceptance of Manna CDC as temporary tax exempt pass through, ShawFest, reimbursements
Oct 9, 1996, 16:13

FOKP Minutes
Monthly Board Meeting
Re-Opening ceremony for new field, Ruppert Landscape training program, ShawFest '96
Aug 10, 1996, 23:47

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